Digital Image Card

The digital image is A6 105mm x 148.5mm - 4⅛" x 5⅞" you can download it from here

  • These are the sizes of the layers from the image down
  • Layer 1 (White) - 111mm x 155mm - 4⅜" x 6⅛"
  • Layer 2 (Glitter Card) - 124mm x 168mm - 4⅞" x 6⅝"
  • Layer 3 (White Embossed Card) 168mm x 187mm - 6⅝" x 7⅜"
  • Card Base - 181mm x 200mm - 7⅛" x 7⅞" - I cut down an 8" x 8" card (203mm x 203mm)
  • Emboss Layer 3
  • Round the 2 right edges of the card base, Layer 3 (white embossed card)  and Layer 2 (Glitter Card) - I used a ¼" corner rounder
  • Centralise and adhere the image  to layer 1
  • Centralise and adhere previous layers to layer 2
  • Adhere previous layers to layer 3 leaving a space of 9.5mm - ⅜" from the top, bottom and right-hand edges
  • Cut approx 207mm of 25mm  - 1" wide ribbon and attach to the left-hand side of Layer 3 (white embossed card) approx 3mm - ⅛" from the left edge
  • Wrap extra ribbon to the back and adhere to card
  • Adhere all these layers centralised onto your card base
  • Attach 2nd bow to centre of 1" wide ribbon. The bow on this card is made from  16mm - ⅝" wide ribbon. Cut the amount of ribbon according to the size of bow you want. The bow on this card is 3½" wide
  • Stamp greeting onto the image





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