Whenever we look at something, no matter what it is, we are affected by its colour. Colour invokes feelings in all of us and affects what we think about what we are looking at. This is what happens when we look at a card or mixed media project, whether you realise it or not, the colours used can affect whether we like it or not.

Interestingly, when we look at craft things to buy the colour of the example we see can actually stop or encourage us to buy it. So next time you go somewhere and are thinking about buying something see if you can just look past the colour and when we make handmade projects it can be very useful to know what sort of colours the recipient likes and forget what we like. 

Here are two cards used making the same die and the same media - glitter. Some people won't like glitter whatever it's colour so possibly won't like either of these cards. Some people feel that Christmas should be a traditional time of year so won't like a contemporary look and vice versa.

festive foliage die card 1

Festive die card 2

 Both cards are the same size and cut with the same die - Creative Expressions Festive Foliage Frame.

For Both Cards

  • Cut 3 pieces of card and a piece of double sided tape sheets to the size of your die, approx 12.1 x 14.3 cm ( 4 ¾" x 5 ⅝").
  • Attach the double sided adhesive to one of the pieces of card.
  •  Cut the die out of the card that has the double sided tape attached to it. You might need to run the die though your machine a couple of times or use a shim to make sure the die cuts through the card and adhesive.
  •  Carefully pop out all the negative pieces of the die cut and put them aside, you will be using them later.


Card 1

  • Put the die cut onto a craft sheet or large piece of paper and remove the double sided sheet backing, this will reveal the sticky tape.
  • Sprinkle glitter onto the die cut, pressing slightly and ensure the entire die cut has glitter on it. Burnishing the glitter will help it stick to the tape. If you want to add a rainbow effect then peel the backing off gradually and add each colour separately.
  • Cut a piece of glitter card 1.3cm ( ½") wider and higher than your die cut - approx 13.4 x 15.6cm (5 ¼" x 6 ⅛") and using wet glue stick the die to the centre of the glitter panel.
  • Cut another piece of card 1.3cm ( ½") wider and higher than your glitter panel - approx 14.6 x 16.9cm (5 ¾" x 6 ⅝") and mount the previous two layers using dimensional foam
  • Cut out a greeting from glitter card and colour it with permanent markersYou can then embellish the card with further die cuts or embellishments, as I have done with the poinsettia and holly, then attach all the panels to a card base.


Card 2

  • Cut a panel from gold card 17.8 x 14.6cm (7" x 5¾")Adhere the die cut centrally on the gold panel.
  • Get all the negative parts of the die cut you put aside earlier and sort them into groups that you want to all be the same colour.
  • Get out your first colour and put a little pile into a container or on a non stick craft sheet.
  • Pick up the pieces and remove the backing paper then drop them into your glitter pile.
  • Using tweezers move the pieces around until they are all covered with the glitter.
  • Continue to do this with each of the different colours.
  • Using tweezers pick up each of the glittered pieces, one at a time, and put some wet glue on the reverse. You can then fit each piece into the correct space on the die cut. I have done it this way as it raises the glittered pieces slightly above the surface of the card adding texture and dimension.
  • Continue to do this with all the different coloured pieces.
  • Cut a frame 1.6cm (⅝") deep and 0.32cm ( ⅛") smaller than the gold panel approx 16.2 x 14.3cm (6⅜" x 5⅝")
  • Adhere centrally onto the gold panel.
  • Cut a sentiment from gold card and adhere to the front of the centre panel of the die cut.
  • Mount the sentiment to the centre of the die cut panel
  • .Attach all the panels to a card base.

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