It must be quite hard to come up with names for the latest crafting products. The names are usually fairly self-explanatory such as gilding wax and gilding flakes for example. Coloured PVA Glue is exactly that, PVA glue with pigment added, however, the name doesn't really tell you how to use it. I mean, it is PVA glue but it isn't for glueing things together. So what should we make of something called Pixie Powder?


Well, the best way to find out is to get out the crafting mat and play.
Cosmic Shimmer Pixie Powders are a mica and dye powder mix in a range of colours. They come in 30ml bottles with a small nozzle top. You can mix it with water and paint with it, just as you can with Mica Pigment Powders. It gives a lovely shimmery finish and you can mix different colours.
But where it really comes into its own is creating beautiful backgrounds. Spritz water over porous cardstock to dampen it, then gently tap the nozzle or puff the powder lightly onto it. Now spritz with a little more water and watch the Pixie Powder do its thing. It's wonderfully unpredictable but shimmery and lovely every time. Add as little or as much Pixie Powder in as few or as many colours as you wish.
And here are samples from a happy morning playing with them.


Before spritzing

 pixie powder blog 1

After spritzing

 pixie powder blog 2

Dried with a heat gun (back and front) to flatten

 pixie powder blog 3

The finished card
pixie powder blog 4

Second card with colours arranged to fit with the overlaid die cut

 pixie powder blog 5

Finally, an elephant stamped and heat embossed image with the head, trunk and tusks painted with pixie powders and decoupaged. I added some texture by tapping dry powder onto the head and then spritzing with water.
pixie powder blog 6

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