One of the oldest paper crafts is quilling, also known as paper filigree.


The North American Quilling Guild (there's a UK Guild as well) describes the art as follows:


Quilling, also known as paper filigree, is the art of cutting and curling narrow strips of paper and laying them on edge to form intricate filigree designs. The process, which dates back to at least the 13th Century, originated with religious orders who used the gilded edges of old manuscripts to decorate religious artifacts. It is believed the paper was curled around the base of a quill (or feather), hence the name quilling.


It was popular with genteel ladies of the Georgian and Regency period and was used to decorate all sorts of items and even furniture. Cabinet makers would produce boxes with recessed panels ready for paper filigree decoration and it was taught in the best ladies boarding schools alongside needlework. Young ladies needed something to occupy their time while they waited for their future husband to come along.


It's a very simple craft, you just need thin strips of lightweight paper and a little glue. You can cut strips of paper yourself and the strips can be rolled between finger and thumb, but it's a lot easier with a few tools. Which we have in stock.


A Quilling Tool is a slotted tool which makes it easier to curl the paper. The Quilling Board has cut-out shapes of different sizes in which the coils are placed in the desired shape and allowed to 'rest' so that they hold their shape. You can then gently pinch and work them into the desired shape - teardrop, leaf, crescent, square, arrow, rectangle and so many more. Use a glue with a fine applicator nozzle or apply the glue with a cocktail stick. It's important to be sparing with the glue and tweezers are useful to hold the shapes and put them in place.


Quilling designs range from delicate scrolls imitating fine metalwork to the whimsical and even three-dimensional sculptures and miniatures. Below is a pretty Easter Bunny from our April quilling workshop and the beautiful butterflies that will be done in the May Quilling Workshop


Quilling May
Quilling April

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