Since my last blog, I have been reminded about using diffusers to emboss just selected parts of a card. If you haven't tried this, here's what it is and how it works. 
Embossing folders are perfect for adding texture and interest to your card, but you may not want the whole card embossed. A diffuser is a piece of plastic or thick card that concentrates the die machine's roller pressure onto just part of the embossing folder. Place a diffuser on top of part of the embossing folder and the folder will only emboss the area covered by the diffuser. There are plastic diffusers on the market but it's easy to make your own from thick card, the kind that you get on the back of note pads. 
 Using a Diffuser 1
To get a single stripe of embossing, I placed my cardstock in the folder and secured a piece of card to the top of the folder where I wanted the embossing. I adjusted the depth of the plate stack for my die cutting machine and ran it through without the bottom plate.  As you can see, only the area covered by the diffuser has been embossed.
Using a Diffuser 2

Then I cut a piece of thick card so that the middle diamond would be plain, then used the square I cut out to emboss just the middle of the card. I then placed some offcuts diagonally, to create stripes. 
This card it too thick to die cut so if you wanted a particular shape, you can die cut several layers and glue them together to get the thickness you need. You will need to experiment with your own machine to find the combination of base plates that works for you.
Here is a card made with the diffuser technque and Sleek Designs reindeer scene stamp, part of the Impression Obsession die Merry Tree and Distress Inks to colour the area that was embossed with the diffuser. 

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